Ronia | THIS IS ME

Tell me your story!

“I’m a 42 year old mom of a 24 year old handsome gentleman! I look about 28, so I’ve been told, and love life and to have a good time! I am also an entrepreneur and own a nail boutique called Poised & Polished  where I do custom designs for all my clients.” Instagram: @Lilhutch77

What do you remember learning about beauty from a young age?

“My mother would say, ‘Use a lot of moisturizer and do not make frown faces,’ because it puts a terrible dent in the center of your face!”

What sort of women would you like to see in magazines?

“Strong, independent women from different cultures!”

What is your favorite physical feature about yourself?

“My gap-toothed smile”

What’s your favorite thing about your personality?

“I’m fun!”

What’s one moment in your life you felt the most proud of yourself?

“When I graduated high school and walked across the stage with my six month old on my father’s shoulder clapping for me!”

Is there any advice you would like to share with others who struggle to see their own beauty?

“Be sure of yourself and know that there’s only one you and know your self worth. And whenever you get knocked down, remember we are all beings of love.”

Ronia, I love seeing female entrepreneurs like you succeed in their business and loving life! I have seen your nail artistry and you are so extremely talented. You are an amazing mom and I have no doubt your ability to see things through inspires your son and others. Thank you so much for being a part of the This is Me Series! Ps I have to get those skates lol

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