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“My name is Krisztina. I was born In Hungary where I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Special Education, Drama Therapy, and my previous studies as a psychiatric nurse. I implemented this therapy at a psychiatric institute. Realizing that working in an institution neither suited my soul or fulfilled my purpose in life, I decided to take a different path and began studying holistic health. Over the the past 15 years I have become certified in Massage Therapy, a Reiki Master, Crystal healer, Aromatherapy specialist, Graphologist and Reflexologist. I just recently completed clinical herbal studies and am now a medicine woman. I am an advocate for the use of medical marijuana and strongly believe in healing through God’s pharmacy. I have extensively studied astrology, numerology, face diagnosis, palmistry and the five elements of Feng Shui design. I do private consultations and teach workshops all around the world. My consultations are thorough and comprehensive as I implement all of the tools and methods that I have mastered on my journey. My sole purpose in this life is to heal and share my knowledge with anyone who is in need of it. I am a firm believer that a college degree doesn’t define us but the music we listen to, the books we read and the knowledge we possess does. Mindfulness is key. I am the proud mother of two wonderful and very spiritual little boys who are ages 6 and 9. I currently live in Delray Beach with my soulmate of 18 years and our two sons. We have a strong passion for travel and have been to 28 countries and 18 states. We consult, attend healing retreats and soon will be launching our new blog “How to Travel with Children on a Budget.” Our passport is always up to date! My ultimate vision is to create a healing village for children where they can get free of disease with dignity. My husband and I are truly awakened and practice conscious, intentional parenting. We are deeply involved with our children’s education. We believe in teaching them the importance of recycling, gardening, and reusing as much as possible. Our children are the future and we continually strive to grow thm into generous, affectionate, caring and respectful human beings.”

What’s your favorite thing about your personality?


Why are photos important for you right now?

“I would love to know how to pose professional and I just wish to have someone who can capture my soul.”

Krisztina, thank you for being one of the amazing women featured in the This is Me Series. I have loved getting to know you and it was a privilege to capture your soul. You encourage other women to embrace their spirituality and show it’s possible to live a holistic live and to purse your passions!

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