Tell me your story! "I am a single mom of 2 young children. My ex-husband tries to do everything he can to hold me down, but I will overcome and do the best for my children and not let anyone get in my way. I work full time, am going back to school and just volunteered to be an assistant coach to my daughter's 1st year playing soccer. Busy, busy. But

Tell me your story! "I did a boudoir shoot a few years ago and hated the pics. Fast forward a few years: my dad passed away and I gained a bunch of weight. I recently lost all of it plus some and would like to do this as a gift to myself." What do you remember learning about beauty from a young age? "As a plus-size girl, you always hear about skinny models

Tell me your story! "My name is Krisztina. I was born In Hungary where I obtained my bachelor's degree in Special Education, Drama Therapy, and my previous studies as a psychiatric nurse. I implemented this therapy at a psychiatric institute. Realizing that working in an institution neither suited my soul or fulfilled my purpose in life, I decided to take a different path and began studying holistic health. Over the the

Tell me your story! "I’m a full figured 49 year old PTA mom. I’ve just started dating again after getting a divorce. I'm 2 years divorced and it took 2 years to finalize it. I’m losing weight too. I’m reclaiming ME!!! P.S. I’m also a former widow." What sort of women would you like to see in magazines? "Natural beauty representing all walks of life." What's your favorite thing about your personality? "Funny"

Tell me your story! "I am a 47 year old Transgender female that is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I am just enjoying life and all it has to offer. I have struggled for the past 45 years before discovering my authentic self. Now that I have I embraced my future, I would love to get involved in modeling, women's physique competitions, etc." What do you remember learning about beauty from